The Dim View 1945 06 23 nr 06 (PDF)



Third Honors Its Fallen Comrades; Guard Liberty They Died For, Col. Porter Asks
General Praises Rhine River Song By Pvt. Packer by Sgt. Nick Choronzy C Company; Maj. Gen. Ira T. Wyche
First 313th Man Captured by Jerries, Returns Quickly by Pfc. Edward F. Younger Second Battalion; First Lt. John N. Jackson of Headquarters, Second Battalion and Privets Birnbaum and Robinson of H Company captured on June 19th
Air Raid Alarm Is Put to Work
Mayenne River and Capture of Laval by Pfc. Robert Deihl, Regimental Historian
Patron of Graslitz: Richard Ritter von Dotzauer
They’re Point Crazy: T/4 Henry M. Jones, Company H cook and Pfc. Wiliam F. Ebner
Swimming Pool Open Next Week
Comic: Back Home Again by Sgt. Butler
M Company Day Room Has Fine Facilities: S/Sgt. Grossman, Cpt. W.L. Crozier Comic Dim Wit by Wilczek
New Medical Officer in First Battalion: Capt. Franck H. Zappacosta of Philadelphia, Penn.