The Dim View 1945 05 30 nr 02 (PDF)



Photo of Second Battalion Review Team: Charlie Cowan from Montrose CA, Jack Shutes from NYC, Thomas Russon of Jersey City NJ, Johnny Leas of Pineville, NC, Michael Scott, of Penn., Otis Arndt, Lee Matthews, and Hugh J. McKinnon of ME
Cigarette Issue June 10
Pacific Roundup Topic of I&E Discussions- 1st Lt. Henry J. Carothers- Samurai practices
Beautiful Memorial day prayer
In London VE Day- PFC Earl Dickmann- B company runner- PFC Jim Hawthor Service Officer has Everything on his Program- 1st Lt. Ralph B. Scott , Lt. Chester Crawfor
Hamborn claimed by I Company- S/Sgt. Salvadore Conte, Lt. Col. Roy M. Porte Weapond NCO off for Home in Big Rush- S/Sg. George R. Campbell , Eddie Kirkland, Goodrich Gamble, and Pfc. Larry Dure
3 H Company Men Can Wear Civvies- Albert E Wacher, Psy L. Bryant, Edward Hubbard, Jimmy Cha
Going to Normandy – poem by PFC. Robert Deihl, regimental historian
Scotts Tavern- photo Corp. Arthur Walter, Ira M. Fonteno What would Dr. Goebbels Think?- photo fo printing plant in Unna; Bill ORourke
Photo Pfc. Reynaldo Camarena – Boxing Team Training in Massen Gym Being GI is Effective here – photo of Sgt. Rade Zizig and Lt.A/M/ Wolf- Yougoslavi
Dim Wit by Sgt. Wilczek
Stork Saves Day for Co. F Man – PFC Earl Brower
Photo of Laraine Da
2 men leave for the States- Pfc. Louie C Bunch and Pfc. Ralph L. Sadler