The Dim View 1945 05 26 nr 01 (PDF)



I&E Set for Big Program- Lt. Henry J. Carothers of 313th Infantry From Normandy to the Ruhr- 313th Infantry photo
Himmler dead- Heinrich Himmle
3-Point Sports Set-up- Lt. Francis D. Miller, 1st Lt. Orville K. Nutcher, Lt. Ralph B. Scott, Irh Jones, Lyle E. Bull, Vernon E. Hayden, Robert L. Michaels, Capt Frank H. Grundman ,,, Message from Col. Edwin M. Van Bibbe
Patrols Made Attack easy- capture of Hamborn, home of Thyseen Steel work  Reipertswiller Action Subject for Citatio
Regiment Occupies Rich Area- Western Westphali
MG Corporal Meets friends- Corp. Eric Vicktor- Nazis built a road over a Jewish cemeter
Bulletin Staffers, Reporters named- Stig Stabe (Photographer), Sgt. Stanley Wilczek, Pfc. John Daley, Nick D. Coldings, Sgt. Nikolas Choronzy, Andrew J. Leimkuhler, Edward F. Younger, Thomas E Gill, Seymour Rabinowitz, Donald Sorenson, Hyman Newman, CPS Robes Cartoon, Feuders Ride in Same Meat Wagon- Pvt. Ray Rucker, Maurice L. Lazarus, Jospeh Mastale
20000 Americans in Russian Zones
S/Sgt. R.J. Mallen, Pfc Harry L. Chappell, S/Sgt. Francis E. Kelly
Julie Coway photo
The Wolf Cartoon by Sanson
Rifleman gets two Sans Rifle – Pfc. Normal F. Aldridge, L Company
Hildegarde Photo – heard on the Raleigh Room.