The Cub 1944 05 nr 09 (PDF)



Vol. I
8 pages (some damage)
Photo – Col. William Murray pins Soldier’s Medal on Pfc. Albert H. Kath as
whole 422nd Infantry looks on. Col. Murray has just decorated S/Sgt.
Carlos D. Weber and Pfc. Luther E. Bingham with Silver Star.
Col. Cavender, Cpl. John Duggan
Photo –¬†Brig. Gen. Leo McMaJlOn, Division Artillery Commander, and pretty
Dorthea Bass, of Indianapolis, get first crack at refreshments at Divarty
Party held last week. At left is Lt. Col. Richard E. Weber J r., commander
of 592nd F. A. Bn.
Photo –¬†1st Lt. C. W. Lauman, 592nd F.A.;2nd Lt. F. G. Josten, of Division Artillery HQ., and S/ Sgt. Jack Gray
T/5 Sally Price, 1560th S.U., W.A.C.:
Pvt. George Williams, 589th F.A.,
Pfc. Warren Leigh, Co. H, 422nd
Pvt. Francis Rohrback, Co. B, 424th Regt
Bernie Kincanon