The Clarion 1943 01 nr 01 (PDF)




16 pages
This issue bears a stamp on cover: A2 Stalag 344 Geprueft
Send-off by S. Sherriff, R.S.M., chief trustee
P.O.W. Addresses
Gift Books
Greetings: Her Majesty the Queen, British POW Funds, YMCA
Post-war London?
Tent-ative Proposal by Scribbler
News from Home: UK, Australia, New Zealand
Australian Affairs by Sgt. Bill Bee
Crossword by H. Charles
Cricket 1942
The School by Principal, COMS Lawrie
English Lecture no.1
Church news
Red Cross Notes: food, drinks and diets, Milk – 5275 Tins
Channel Islanders