The Bomb-Shell 1944 11 06 nr 09 (PDF)


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ROC Man Hauls down Swastika- Jack Craig and Capt. E H Wagner, Sgt. Robert F. Berstler … Lt. Frost photo … Photo J R Murray, Vice Commander American Legion Post No 267, Mrs. C.W. Meldrum, B. L. Kilper, and R. Rutkowsky … Storms Five Beach Heads- Roger A. Frost … Roc Legion Post gives to Red Cross Unit … 6th War Loan Drive gets new organziation … photo Lt. Blance F. Sigman … Photo Promt care for wounded … Soups On photo … ROC worker gets his lunch while Ethel Gump rings it up … Cooks Gene Lack adn Pete Dracopolis photo … Photo May McNally, Albert W Beeded Marian Johnston, Al Theriault, Delbert Parker … Photo Cook adn Dinsmore.. Photo Bombed all night Cpl. Robert J. Dailey.. S-Sgt. Thomas J Gallagher … Photos: Coba, Cora, Burson, Garland … Former Employe’s Bazooka knocks out four jap tanks- W. B. Bungard …Photos: Lt. Wolfe, McCleary, Miss Monhan .. Miss Crawford, Kovie, Mrs. Seek, Swerline, Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Kebi, Baughman, Carr, Lions Caper to Hilson’s Tune photo