The Bellringer 1942 08 01 (PDF)



24 pages
Vol. 2 No. 9
Cover: Jap Zeros Blasted by Army “Airacobra Ace” See Pages 12 and 13
Articles inside this issue:
Airacobras on All Fighting Fronts
Training for Leadership
From Show “Biz” to Production “Whiz” – James Whiteley
Share-The-Ride Campaign Reduces Number of Cars in Use By 700!
Trailblazers of Volume for Victory – George Nicoll and Dept. 60
Jewish Veterans Donate ‘Cobra – Named “Star of David”
We’re in the Army Now! – Bell Police Force Sworn in as MP’s
“Airacobra Ace” – Lt. Paul G. Brown
When We Wuz Kids
Engineering and Office Dance
“The ‘Cobra ‘Keep ‘Em Flying’ Coprs”