Super-Fort 1945 03 05 nr 05 (PDF)



12 pages
Army-Navy Blast Tokyo; Stage First Big Scale Raid on Japs
Smoke Over Singapore
XX B.C. Smash Empire Dock at Singapore
Iwo Jima Will Open “Road” to Japan
Major Roberts Says
Japs Couldn’t Down “Last Resort”; Maj. Donald W. Roberts
“Over and Back” Touring Command; T/7 Hank Gould
June Haver
Crew Chiefs Decorated: Kenneth Day, William Kolynych, and Bruce Mahler
Col. Kalberer Is No. 1 Hellbird
Two Leopards Quiet Gripers In Chow Line, Emile Manara
Tall Tale, James Shepard Grinnan
19 E.M. Pioneer B-29 Into India
GIs Now Can Get Money in 10 Days
Just a Teddy Bear but….. Col. Elmer Is B-29 Crewman; “Deacon’s Disciples”; Maj. Charles J. Miller
Bombs Over Burma
Aboard a B-29 – photographs
Capt. Buenting Receives Bronze Oak Leaf Cluster
Formal Dedication – Tata Services Club in Jamshedpur
Sgt. F.T. Quinn Now Blasts Fighters
Drydock Demolishers (Singapore): Jospeh V. McWilliams, Woodrow P. Swuncutt, Marvin W. Goodwyn, Monroe Stein, Joe D. McCraw, Frank W. McKinney, Donald Manfredo, Richard J. Seebach, Robert L. Swanson
Janet Blair
S/Sgt. Hayton Bags 8 Jap Fighters “411”
NCO Club Burns
New Book Will Dramatize B-29
Scatch Pad by T/5 Ben Shaw
29 Victory Club; A.V. Jones, Dave Smith, Jones, Lansceniese, Ray Ekedal, Fred Mier, Chester Bickel, Fred Nebera
Esther Williams In New Swim Movie
Tennis: Herbert Maranz, Mervin Newberg