The Stars and Stripes – London 1944 09 15 nr 271 (PDF)



4 pages
Vol. 4 No. 271 – Friday, Sept. 15, 1944

Articles’ Headlines: … Reds Move Into Suburb Of Warsaw – Battles Way Into Praga After 6 Weeks; Stiff Fighting Continues
East is Warned Of Hurricane
B26s, A20s Hit 5 Brest Forts
Jock-Whitney Reported In Allied Hands Again
S. & S. Reporter in Reich Sees U.S. Tanks Bust Trap – Germans Fake a Retreat, Line Siegfried Road With Guns / By Andy Rooney
Not So Simple
Pacific Action Speed-Up Seen
Soldiers Among 20 Killed In Indiana Train Crash
Yanks Crack Siegfried Steel – Pour Across Border; Nazi Towns Fall – Engineers, Artillery Back Tanks Blasting Path Through Line
Oklahoma Officer Takes Prince Felix Home in Army Jeep
An Editorial – Let’s Set the Post-War Pattern
Unsung First Engineers Cited Three Times for Action Feats ( First Engineer Combat Battalion )
Army Poets – My Dog Tags / By Pfc S. G. Leach Jr.
The B Bag Blow It Out Here ( ‘Forgotten Men’ Over 40 – A ‘Blow for Officers ) Hash Marks
Notes from the Air Force
Most Powerful ‘Engine Fuel m World Unveiled
3 Land in Hospital, One Faces Jug All Over a Few Peanuts
Ohio State ‘Expert’ Claims GIs Forget How to Make Love
Private Breger / By Lt. Dave Breger
Once Over Lightly / By Charlie Kiley
Angels Annex Coast Pennant
ETO Grid Games Sought
Help Wanted-AND GIVEN
Sonnenberg’s Death Recalls Exploits as Gridder, Wrestler ( Gus Sonnenberg ) / By Tom Shehan
Giants Subdue Sampson Eleven
Pigskin Preview – Seven Southeast Teams Back on Grid / By Chick Hosch ….. Dobbs to Play For N.Y. Eleven ….. Louisville Clips Brewers; Chicks Stop Nashville, 7-6 ….. Corsairs Slam Cards, 7-3,10-5; Reds, Cubs Split – Twin Bills Only Games Played in Both Leagues ….. How They Stand ( Majors ) ….. Li’L Abner / Al Capp ….. Auto Workers Seek to Modify-No-Strike Vow – Compromise Considered After Flat Revocation Is Defeated ….. Soldier’s Medal Awarded Seven ….. Patch’s Son Wounded ( Capt. Alexander M. Patch III ) ….. AFN Radio Program ….. Babson Looks For Depression In 1949 or 1950 – Economist Who Predicted 1929 Crash Sees Slump After Postwar Rise ….. Dorseys Given Swift Hearing ….. Hull Sees Argentina Out Of a League of Nations ….. Eighth Army Gains During Bitter Battle ….. Fires Burn 70,000 Acres ( Calif. ) ….. Recapture of Tengchung By China Force Reported ….. 989 Killed in Paris ….. Siegfried Steel Cracked, Reich Villages Taken – Engineers, Artillery Back Tanks Blasting Path Through Line ….. P51 Group Tops Fighter Outfits ( Lt. Col. Donald J. M. Blakeslee ) ….. Jack Benny Only Kidding About Becoming a Daddy ….. Patton’s Daughter Hopes Dad Will Free Her Seized Husband
Terry and the Pirates / By Milton Caniff