Skyways 1943 03 (PDF)


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Vol. 2 No. 3 Cover: By A. Leydenfrost
Alert! Interceptor Command at action: Photos P-38s
America’s Secret Weapon: the young men by Eugene Edward Wilson
Can Tokyo Take It: by Irvine Wallace
Civil Air Patrol: Wing Overs
Constellation: Lockheed’s fast transport
Fighter of The Future: Unconventional designs, Art by Harvey Woolhiser
Hoy-Polloi Pilot: Lt T Benson Hoy USNR by Alice Rogers Hager
No Fuel like Our New Fuel: 100 octane by Lorania Francis
R.A.F.: a Message from Sir Archibald Sinclair
Red Star over Russia: Russian Air Force by Maj NF Silsbee
Roll of Honor: Roster of Heroes
Saga of Suzy-Q: B-17 Flying Fortress and Crew
Special Section on the Planes of the R.A.F.
Sur le Schnozzola: Our Bombsights hit the Axis on the Nose by Charles Grefe
The School Sprouts Wings: by Roland Spaulding
Trojan Workhorse: Curtiss Wright C-76 Caravan