Skyways 1943 01 (PDF)


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Vol. 2 No. 1 Cover: By Jo Kotula
Army KO’s Stuperman: Training pilot Cadets by Col Arthur Ennis
ATTA Girls: Air Transport Auxillary Ferry to Britain by Joan Bradbrooke
Battles prove our Planes Best: by Hanson Baldwin
Charge of the Lightplane Brigade: Grasshoppers in the Army by Martha LeFevre
Eddie Richenbacker: the Hero returns by Thomas Collison
Flying without Wings of Gold: NCO pilots by Hal Goodwin & Peter Harkins
Ironing out the Washouts: Pilots medicals by Devon Francis
Little Tin Guy: Navigators by Allen Rankin
Open letter to Gen Malone by Colonel Roscoe Turner
The camel outblows the Hurricane: Fighters by David Cooke
The Transport of Tomorrow: Futuristic Design Art by Alexis de Sakhnoffsky
Was warplane Production Bungled in 1942: by Dorothy Rockwell & James Newton
Wings of West Point: Military Academy takes to the Air by Cap Burr Leyson