Skyways 1942 12 (PDF)


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All-Out Production Vs All-Out Ballyhoo: by Capt Burr Leyson
Destination Unlimited: TWA by Jack Frye
Fledglings for Flat-Tops: Tough Carrier Training by Lt Fred Tupper
Generals Fly at Dawn: by Hal Goodwin
Less power to use: Engines for Puddle Jumpers by Wm Piper & Tom Hall Miller
Mastering Masters: RAF final instruction in the Miles Master by E Glyn Jones
More power to you: by Wm Stout
Roll of Honor: Roster of Heros
Submarines of the Sky: New Tactics in aerial warfare by Alexander Kiralfy
The Best in the World: Naval Aviators at Midway, Coral Sea, Solomons by Admiral John S McCain Grandfather of Senator John McCain
The WAFS will Deliver: by Alice Rogers Hager
Warplanes of the United States: special section
We Tigers are Tough: The Flying Tigers of the AVG by Ace Dick Rossi
Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wulf: The Fw 190 by Major NF Silsbee
Wingtip to Wingtip: RAF & AAF cooperation by Col Harold Hinton