Skyways 1942 11 (PDF)


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Vol. 1 No. 1 ……. Cover by William Heaslip ……. Articles Inside: … Victory through Air Prophets? – Axe-to-grind authors may grind our morale for the Axis. By Major General Paul B. Malone ….. Flat-Tops are not Push-Overs – Aircraft Carriers can withstand a lot — even verbal fire. By Rear Admiral Frederick Carl Sherman ….. The Airlines Carry On – Commercial Airlines deliver fifteen years of progress today. By Hans Van Der Borg ….. Skyways of the Future – A preview of 1952 The “flivvers” by the famous artist-designer. By Captain Alexis de Sakhnoffsky ….. There’s no Stalling on Safety – Trainer design combines safety “stalls” and feel of “hot” ships. By R. S. Boutelle ….. Bombers — F.O.B. Bombay – The land of the flying carpet turns to flying fortresses. By Norman C. Lynch ….. Can we cross off the Zero? – How we can swat the Jap’s fast zooming mosquito plane. By Major Nathaniel Silsbee ….. Three strikes in all out Air Power. – Air borne bombs, troops and supplies will strike out the Axis. By Colonel Hugh J. Knerr ….. Elephant Planes have Bugs – The bigger they are, the harder they fall for design diseases. By Devon Francis ….. Washington Surrenders to Kaiser? A ship builder out of water is caught in official whirlwind. By Alice Rogers Hager ….. Soaring Sails – Student pilots land towed gliders like sail planes on desert. By Dr. A. Wakefield Slaten ….. Was Amelia Earhart War’s First Casualty? – Was famous aviatrix shot down exploring Jap secret bases? By Charles Palmer ….. Feeding and Fueling Far-Flung Fighters – Air transportation must carry terrific loads damnable distances. By Major General Howard Lee George ….. Pensacola in Pan America – Latin America likes the North American way of flying. By Hendry Lars Bart ….. Women Conquer Airmen’s Prejudices – Flying females perform vital tasks and win deserving admiration. By Gwenyth Allison ….. Are Super-Sonic Speeds Feasible? – Scientific ceilings and physical failings limit ultimate speed. By Captain Burr Leyson ….. What’s in a Name By John Henry ….. Book Reviews ….. Roll of Honor – Lists of U.S. Army Distinguished Service Cross, Distinguished Flying Cross, Medal of Honor, Silver Star, U.S. Navy Distinguished Flying Cross, Navy Cross, Air Medal, Soldier’s Medal and Purple Heart ….. Skyways of the World