Signal 1941 nr 18 (PDF)




48 page

Cover – return to religion; Ukrainians enjoying religious freedom under Germans

Destroyed Soviet town; PK Gronefeld


Germans helping the Ukrainians; PK Arthur Grimm

German mine sweepers

Hitler and Goering in color photos

Color photo of German soldiers listening the front news on the radio; PK Trautvetter

Fighting near Brodow, river Goryn; PK Arthur Grimm

4 plagues of the desert ; fighting in Africa

Stalin’s female battalion grim end at Smolensk

4711 cologne

German swamp shoes idea put in practice; PK E. Bauer

Story by Peter Eckart

Color photos of German soldiers fighting fires in a Russian town; PK Gohring

Color photo of German troops breeching the Stalin line; fighting at Shitomir

Lilliput guard from Copenhagen; photos by Barbara Ludecke

Sunday in Marseille; Andre Zucca

Weather towers in Afghanistan