Shoot’em Down 1944 04 15 nr 16 (PDF)



8 pages
Red Cross Drive Total Over $10,000
Craftsman – Pfc. John W. Lilja doing “booby trap” training of Stewart troops  Purple Heart Club Organized – Miss Adalyn Turk of Cleveland Ohio
War News
The Wolf by Sansone
News from 62nd Brigade, 64th Group, 96th Group
67th AAA Group – Cpl. Kraus Receives Citation
Jane Hale wearing the Can-Can costume
135th Group – Mess Sgt. Galati Marries
Sports – Joe Vella, Beb Weil
Max Schmelling report
Morning Report – S.Sgt. Jas E. Houchins over Madoera
62nd Brigade Has New Paper – The Brigadier
Photos of wrecking Jap supply line at Wewak
No AWOLS In Two Years
Stewart GI Easter Eggs; Charles Cooper