Shoot’em Down 1944 02 26 nr 09 (PDF)



8 pages
General Uhl, Congressman Praise Stewart; Hugh Peterson, William C. Ochs, H.K. Loughry
1,800 Civilian Post Workers Get ‘T’ Award
Henry Ford Learns About War From Liberty Field GI
Report On Lessons Learned In Combat Received From Privates And Generals  Captain Howard C. Dalton Is Transferred
Army Brother And Sister Twins: James M. Darby, Gladys Darby
Sports: Bernie Reynolds, Alabama DuBose, Morris J. Cherami, Jim Bonner
Be Plane Smart: FW 190 and P-47
Canine Aristocrat, Wimpleton Mandrake, Robert N. Szwed, Estel Stone
Army Recalls ASTP Men For Line Duty