Sea Power 1944 01 (PDF)


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Vol. 4 No. 1 ……. Cover: Late in the afternoon of February 20, 1942, Lieutenant Edward H. O’Hare became an ace on a single flight. Flying a Grumman “Wildcat” from the carrier Lexington, Lieut. O’Hare shot down five Japanese Mitsubishi twin-engined bombers, bent on destroying the carrier. While O’Hare’s squadron attacked the first wave of nine bombers, downing eight and chasing the ninth, O’Hare and his wing mate went after the second wave fifteen miles away. At 12,000 feet, as he was closing in for the fight, O’Hare’s wingmate discovered that his guns were jammed and had to turn away, leaving O’Hare alone-one against nine. In five minutes O’Hare had sent five crashing in flames and had crippled the sixth, pulling away this time with his own guns jammed and only ten rounds of ammunition left. At this moment, his squadron leader and two companions arrived, polishing off two more Japs. Sea Power’s cover painting by Lester Greer depicts the scene just at the split second when O’Hare’s relief arrived on the scene, and O’Hare (foreground), his great job done, waved goodbye as his co-workers went in to finish the task he had so splendidly begun. On November 27, 1943, O’Hare, by that time a Lieutenant Commander, failed to return from an engagement fought against thirty or forty Japanese torpedo bombers which attempted to attack a U. S. carrier force in the Central Pacific at night. It is believed that O’Hare was shot down and crashed in the sea. ……. Articles Inside: … Out of the Mail Buoy ….. News from the Seven Seas ….. Make Every Day Navy Day – An Editorial By Sheldon Clark ….. Attack in the Central Pacific – Now we are on the offensive in the war with Japan. By Gilbert Cant ….. The Armed Guard Never Sleeps – Meet the unsung heroes who defend our merchant ships. By Josef Israels II ….. Navy League Opens Naval Officers’ Club ….. Shipyard Nights – Daylight reveals shipbuilding miracles wrought in the dark. By Victor H. Johnson ….. Eyes are Weapons – Modern instruments still cannot replace good lookouts. By Lowell Brentano ….. Seven British Flat-tops Covered Salerno Landings ….. Artists in Uniform – These painters go into battle with the Navy, then begin work ….. One Weapon is not Enough – War’s harsh realities prove that there is no cheap victory. By Lieutenant Bernard Brodie, U.S.N.R. ….. The Voyage of the Wing Ding By Seabury Cook as told to Edward L. Truslow, Jr. Men against the sea, with a touch of humor. ….. Scoreboard of Naval Losses ….. Navy League Officers Elected ….. American Planes Fly Higher ….. The Cat That Went to Sea By Charles A. Michie ….. He Saved a Carrier [ Lt. (jg.) Paul Baker ]