Sea Power 1943 06 (PDF)


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Vol. 3 No. 6 ……. Cover: by Lt. Commander McClelland Barclay, U.S.N.R. ……. Articles Inside: … Out of the Mail Buoy ….. Navy League Brings Shops to Service Men – Fighting men depend upon the “civilian arm of the Navy” ….. News from the Seven Seas ….. Forging Navy Fliers – How soft schoolboys are turned into top-notch fighting men ….. A Christmas – The grimmest hunt of allsub stalks sub in the Pacific. By Watson S. Sims ….. Hitler’s Last Hope – The Nazi navy can still check our invasion of Europe. By Charles A. Michie ….. Divide and Conquer – Let’s leave strategy to our successful high command. By Sheldon Clark ….. Cameras are Weapons – The Navy man gets the picture despite shot, shell, and bomb. By Roy L. Pepperburg ….. Nightmare on Bataan – This Navy Nurse takes you through the hell of Corregidor. By Ann Agnes Bernatitus, R.N. ….. Nation-Wide Navy Day Sponsored by Navy League – A letter from secretary of the navy Frank Knox ….. The Skipper is a Lady By Richard Shafter ….. Truk – Keystone of Jap Strategy – Nature made it the perfect naval base. Must we try to take it? By Alexander Kiralfy ….. Scoreboard of Naval Losses ….. A Layman’s Guide to the World’s Navies – Book review ….. Navy Hero Praises War Workers ( Capt. John Spinning Phillips )