Sea Power 1943 03 (PDF)


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Vol. 3 No. 3 ……. Cover: The Navy Girl on the cover of this issue of Sea Power is Virginia Gundacker; the other is Anne Lehr. Both were among the first to enlist when the naval services opened their ranks to women. Miss Gundacker, born in Brooklyn, N. Y., graduated from high school five years ago, went to her first job in a magazine publisher’s office in New York, left that when Pearl Harbor was attacked and joined the Sperry Gyroscope Co. as a private secretary. Even that wasn’t active enough to suit her patriotic desire, her father having been a Navy radioman in the first World War and her heart-interest being a Navy aviation machinist in this one, so she joined the WAVES last September. Miss Lehr, of Lebanon, Pa., later of Bethlehem, Pa., was graduated from Moravian College for Women two years ago, after a two-year course. Her first job was as a secretary in the coal mining business, then, after the Pearl Harbor assault, she went to defense work as a secretary for the Bethlehem Steel Co. Craving action, she entered the armed services last October to be “on her own” and to contribute her direct bit to winning the war. These two, in their background and desire to help Uncle Sam, are typical of the rank and file of WAVES and SPARS, the women’s special services of the Navy and Coast Guard. ……. Articles Inside: … News from the Seven Seas ….. Prepare to Pay the Price of Peace – Beware the bewitching siren song of post-war disarmament. By Sheldon Clark ….. Out of the Mail Buoy ….. Twenty-Seven Minutes of Roaring Glory – The story of the fighting Boise, a one-ship fleet. By J. A. Greenberg ….. Are Germany’s Battleships Expendable? – The Nazi Navy’s new commander may be preparing surprises. By Alexander Kiralfy ….. They Call Me Mister Now – Danger on our roving reporter’s first voyage as a mate. By Kermit W. Salyer ….. The Navy League: Distaff Side – The Women’s Councils are on the job on main fronts ….. Scoreboard of Naval Losses ….. Good-Bye. Jap Flat-Top – Don’t underestimate Japan’s ability to build or fight. By Jay Launer ….. Sail Ho! The Corsair Fleet – Silent sailing ships scotch the stealthy submarine. By Roy L. Pepperburg ….. Destination Unknown – Life aboard a luxury liner on the way to a war zone. By Col. Roger W. Whitman ….. What the New Navy Man Needs – Knowledge mostly. Here it is in easy-to-take doses ….. The Working Vessels of the World – A guidebook to the merchant fleets of all nations ….. The Red Cross Aids the Navy – And you can, too