Sea Power 1942 02 (PDF)


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Vol. 2 No. 2 ……. Cover: The heroic defense of Wake Island by a handful of U. S. Marines is symbolized by Lt. Comdr. McClelland Barclay’s cover illustration this month. “The plane which is falling in flames,” says Lt. Comdr. Barclay, “is a Jap plane.” ……. Articles Inside: … Defenders of Wake – Picture story of a tough fighting unit, the U. S. Marines, affectionately known as Leathernecks, or Devil Dogs ….. Japan’s Floating Airdromes – Detailed survey of the ships which threaten our west coast with damaging raids. By Jay Launer ….. Six Weeks of Naval War – Balance sheet of gains and losses. By Hanson W. Baldwin ….. Singapore’s Defenses – Can Britain’s Far Eastern bastion defend itself without naval support? By Alexander Kiralfy ….. All-Ocean War Tests Allied Sea Power – Control of the seas by the United Nations is being tested on a vaster scale than ever before in history ….. Japan’s Fleet: As It Goes, So Goes Japan – Without the Japanese Navy, the Mikado’s empire would collapse. By Captain W. D. Puleston ….. Admiral Land Says – President Roosevelt has asked for a tremendous increase in shipbuilding. Here is Admiral Emory S. Land’s answer ….. Plain Dynamite! – Our new Atlanta-class cruisers should out-gun and run rings around the most powerful Jap destroyers ….. “Blimps” – Potent Weapon Against Submarines – New invention gives lighter-than-air craft transocean range. By Lt. Comdr. Nelson Macy, U.S.N.R. ….. Wooden Ships Have Work to Do – As in colonial times, Maine shipwrights are still building wooden ships for Uncle Sam’s Navy by hand ….. Ships Which in 1941 Enlarged Our Navy ….. Rubber Ration Shows Need for Bigger Navy By Sheldon Clark