Sea Power 1941 11 (PDF)


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Vol. 1 No. 2
Cover: Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Rear Admiral Claude C. Bloch. during a fleet review on the Pacific Coast. ……. Articles Inside: … Ballad of the Leatherneck Corps. By Herman Wouk ….. America’s Fighting Fleets – Picture story of the United States Navy…its men and ships ….. “Mosquito Fleet” – Patrol Boats with a Sting ….. “Pig Boats”- The Hidden Scouts ….. “Tin Cans”- Escorts and Handymen ….. Cruisers – Lookouts and Raiders ….. Airdromes Afloat – Planes to See and to Strike ….. “Battlewagons” – Brute Force ….. Navy Day – “The Nation Salutes the Navy” ….. A Sailor’s Dream of Heaven – Some sailors dream of meeting Ann Sheridan. And some sailors, stationed at San Diego, did! ….. Good Neighbors come North – The complete story of an historic visit, told for the first time. By Lt. Comdr. Leslie P. Jacobs, U.S.N.R. ….. “Captain Paul” – The battle scene between the Bon Homme Richard and Serapis, from the best-seller. By Comdr. Edward Ellsberg ….. “Shanghai Voyages” Belong to the Past – Blackjacks and doped liquor were the standbys of recruiters in the old days – By Chief Yeoman H. M. Hughes, U.S.N.R. ….. Sailors Wanted – Recruiting posters in the last war dwelt on hearts and horror, but in this war it’s adventure in naval aviation. ….. Business not as Usual – Lights burn late in Detroit, where business is definitely not as usual. By Jaye Downer ….. Navy League Officers, Directors, and Committees …..We Must Not Forget By Sheldon Clark ….. Battle of the Atlantic