Recognition Journal 1944 05 (PDF)


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No. 9 ……. Cover: U.S. Destroyer ……. Articles Inside: …

Quiz No. 1: Fighters & Divebombers

Fair Warning

RAF Releases Spitfire XII

Silhouettes of New Aircraft ( FW-190, DO-217J, DO-217K, Boomerang, Welkin I, and Tempest V )

Japanese Air Force ( Pictures described are: Zeke, Tony, Hamp, Tojo, Oscar, Val, Nick, Dinah, Rufe, Jake, Pete, Betty, Helen, Kate, Lily, Sally, Nell, Mavis and Emily )

Judy & Jill are Latest

Quiz No. 2: Warplane Flight Patterns

Light Tanks – For mobility combined with striking power they are unchallenged by heavier rivals ( Soviet, German and Japanese examples )

Allied Aircraft – Principal U.S. & British Types

Destroyers – Nimble Fleet Weapon has Come of Age

Historical Development of British and of U.S. Destroyers Through 1917

Royal Navy Originated Destroyers ( Admiralty “V” Class, H.M.S. Walker, H.M.S. Vansittart, Admiralty “S” Class, H.M.S. Inglefield, H.M.S. Fury, H.M.S. Intrepid, “A” and “B” Class, Wallace-Douglas-Saguenay, Britain’s Tribal Class DD’s, Post-Tribal British DD’s, H.M.S. Meteor, Fast-Moving Tribal DD

Superdestroyers were Popular in European Navies

U.S. Destroyers are Largely New ( MacDonough, Mahan-Dunlap Class, Mahan Class DD, Somers Class, Porter Class, U.S.S. Rhind, U.S.S. Helm, U.S.S. Plunkett, U.S.S. Macomb, U.S.S. Cassin Young, U.S.S. Trathen, Sumner Class DD

Quiz No. 3: Jap Destroyer

Quiz No. 4: Varied Mechanized Equipment

News & Miscellany

Spotter Charts for P-61 and British Albemarle