Recognition Journal 1944 02 (PDF)


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No. 6 ……. Cover: Pacific Beachhead ……. Articles Inside: …

Quiz No. 1: These are Sillographs

Training Aids

Aircraft Recognition Training List ….. USAAF’s Fast New Pursuit – The P-61

Royal Air Force – Greatest air force of the First World War, it has reaffirmed its position in the Second

Hurricane & Spitfire – Have retained superiority since the Battle of Britain

Typhoon Bomber and Beaufighter – Constantly harass Axis outskirts of Europe

Lethal Mosquito – Fast nightfighter, intruder bomber, reconnaissance plane is world’s most versatile aircraft

Wellington, Sunderland – Have fought since beginning

Halifax and Stirling – Britain gets revenge as heavies pour weight on Germany

Lancaster – RAF’s fastest big bomber, it is mainstay of Bomber Command

Channel Craft – With heavier classes crippled, German Fleet’s sting depends on smaller craft

Naval Vessels – Principal Combatant Types by Classes

Ferdinand & The Panther – More pictures of self-propelled “88” and PzKw Mafk V reveal details of new Nazi weapons

Army’s First Airborne Tank ( T9E1 )

Divebomber ( Photo of SBD )

Quiz No. 2: Armored Combatants

Quiz No. 3: It Takes All Kinds

Landing Craft – New Types Lead Assaults on Beaches Held by Enemy ( Norway and the Channel

The Mediterranean Quiz No. 4: Warplanes in E.T.O.

Exhaust Patterns

& Miscellany

Spotter Charts for Japanese “Helen,” T-100 M/B and “Nick,” Type 2