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AS THE ENEMY WILL TESTIFY, The only really safe place around any Allied gun is behind it. This may prove a difficult position for you to maintain, however, as it is often necessary for Naval aviators to fly about and drop heavy objects on the enemy. During such times of hurly-burly you will be playing clay pigeon to a large audience of Allied guns, any one of which can shoot the pants off you if the guy behind it pulls that string. Also, you yourself will be chauffeuring a row of cannons of assorted sizes, each capable of blowing large holes in anything you decide large holes will look good in. The total situation, as anyone will tell you, is fraught with danger. Meaning that unless everybody concerned keeps his head, somebody concerned is going to lose his head. The only solution is for YOU: (1) To refrain from blasting away at innocent parties, and (2) To make sure that innocent parties don’t blast away at you. FROM THIS …. it would appear that the whole responsibility rests on YOU, which is exactly where it rests. If everybody on the team makes sure that he personally doesn’t pot any of his teammates, and that none of his teammates pot him, then the whole problem will be automatically solved. Everybody on the Allied team will be immune to accidents involving gunfire, and we can all concentrate on killing the enemy instead of each other. Which is the interesting basis of the twin keep-alive sciences of RECOGNITION and IDENTIFICATION. Pay attention to RECOGNITION and IDENTIFICATION as you go along, and you’ll keep going along! You’ll save the Navy all that bother of sending 10,000 leaves of Uncle Sam’s lettuce to your next of kin!