Plane Talk 1944 05 (PDF)


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Vol. II No. 3 ……. Cover: Navy Liberator in the Pacific – The Navy Liberator, or PB4Y, which in its essentials is the same plane as the Army Liberator, or B-24, is pictured here in a reproduction from an official U.S. Navy kodacolor film. The Navy is using land-based Liberators in steadily increasing numbers for submarine patrol in the Atlantic, for assault on Japanese strongholds in the Pacific. For other Navy pictures, see “Air Sailors in England.” ……. Articles inside: ….. Is That a Liberator? ( Sgt. William S. Friedman of the Air Forces Training Aids Division tells you some tricks in aircraft recognition ) ….. Why We Need 20,000 Airstrips ( William A. Mara, now on the staff of Consolidated Vultee’s Stinson Division, explains a post-war aviation requirement ) ….. Guardian Angel for Airmen ( From Randolph Field, where Flight Surgeons are trained for our Air Forces, comes this story of their work around the world ) ….. Desert Depot ( Fred Barton, Plane Talk correspondent writing from Cairo, introduces you to some boys who nurse wounded Liberators nearby ) ….. Our Sunday Planes ( Captain Art Keil, CAP, took some handsome pictures to accompany his account of the extraordinary work of the CAP Coastal Patrol ) ….. Bombing Is Our Business ( Lieutenant Horace Lee Williams, USAAF, chats with you quietly from an armchair in the courtyard at Shepheard’s Hotel ) ….. Air Luxury for Tomorrow ( Here is the fullest account that has appeared to date of Consolidated Vultee’s new airliner for post-war travel ) ….. Hero’s Return ( The Squaw, which has come back safely from more than 70 missions and has seen two crews decorated, is introduced in full color ) ….. Counselling the Woman War Worker ( Mary Shipman Jackson, Administrative Assistant to the Director of Industrial Relations, explains the Consolidated Vultee plan ) ….. Air Sailors in England ( The boys who fly the Navy’s Liberators are really sailors, speaking sailors’ lingo and wearing sailor blues ) ….. Two Reports on our War in the Pacific: Problems in Bombing Japan ( Randall Gould, of the Shanghai Evening Post and Mercury, draws on his long Far East experience to tell how the Japs can take it ) ….. Air Leaps Toward Tokio ( Major General Willis H. Hale, Commanding General of the Seventh Air Force, reports we are getting there in Liberators ) ….. No Milk Run ( Arch Whitehouse tells in his breezy fashion how he spent more time than he’d counted on with some Liberator men in England )