Plane Talk 1944 03 (PDF)


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Vol. II No. 2 ……. Cover: Liberator Express at Air Base in India by Ivan Dmitri ……. Articles inside: ….. Liberator Men in Britain ( Fred B. Barton interviews some of them for you, starting with General Johnson ) ….. Our Flying Spies ( Tremain F. Robinson tells how our aerial photographers make modern Mata Haris ) ….. How an Airplane Flies ( William B. Stout gives you an answer you can pass on to your interested friends ) ….. An AAF Chaplain Speaks ( Men who face death daily are not ashamed to use the name of God in reverence ) ….. Piloting the Rubber Jungles ( S. Burton Heath of Newspaper Enterprise Association reports on Pancho Ramsey and his Catalinas ) ….. The Valiant Basic Trainer ( With a photograph from Vultee Field are given some statistics to make you proud ) ….. Basing Our Airpower ( International air routes are really international chains of bases – here’s why ) ….. Burma Road of the Air ( A true story of great heroes with photos by Dmitri and drawings by Lt. Allan Kass ) ….. Air Giants in the Navy ( Lt. C. Q. Mohan gives you the Coronado – Howard Stephenson presents the Navy Liberator ) ….. Admiral Peary – Navy’s Prophet of Airpower ( Marie Peary Stafford, his daughter, proves anew that he was a great pioneer ) ….. Reaching Production Goals ( How Charles W. Perelle and his men keep Liberators flowing on a clocked schedule ) ….. Making Tomorrow’s Airmen ( Good news from the Civil Air Patrol for boys who want to be airmen – someday ) ….. Trans-Pacific for ATC ( What an airline that few have heard about is doing for the Air Transport Command ) ….. To Be a Part of This Age ( An Oxford graduate, now Liberator pilot, speaks for the new generation of airmen )