Plane Talk 1943 09 (PDF)


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Vol. I No. 3 ……. Cover: The Navy’s “Catalina” ( PBY ) ……. Inside Articles: ……. The Power We Now Have ( Tom Girdler, who helps create it, talks about its future ) ….. Down With Submarines ( How V.L.R. means Liberators in Mr. Churchills language ) ….. Conquest Over Ice ( The story of one of the great steps forward in aviation ) ….. Up Bill Stouts Sleeve ( Howard Stephenson tells what Stout is planning for tomorrow ) ….. The Colonels Flying Circus ( Albert H. Newman interviews Colonel Edward J. Timberlake, Jr. ) ….. Desert Victory in Arizona ( An old Indian idea comes to the aid of plane production ) ….. Production Non-Com ( A foreman tells some of the things a foreman should know ) ….. Giving Aviation a Future ( Francis A. Calley gives you some significant statistics ) ….. How Consairway Trains Navigators ( Charts, as the crew calls him, is a very important man ) ….. Our Liberator is a Honey ( Lieut. Henry D. Chism gives you a look at his diary ) ….. Take-Off for War ( What the Apocalypse Crew did to get ready for battle )