Plane Talk 1943 06 (PDF)


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Vol. I No. 2 ……. Cover: Liberator Express in the Far North – Pilot and mechanic of a Liberator express plane in the far north. The pilot, at right, is warming himself with one of the heater units used more generally for warming up motors and compartments in planes. For Dmitri’s story on developments near the top of our world, read “Trip to Polaris,” Page 22. ( Photo by Ivan Dmitri ) ……. Inside Articles: ……. Airpower and I. M. Laddon – Laddon’s thinking is a force in today’s history ….. His Other Name Was Jerry – Gerard F. Vultee was a man worth knowing ….. Father of the Man – Boys are going to town, these days ….. Piloting Mr. Churchill – Britain’s Prime Minister likes his air travel ….. Riders of the Apocalypse – These are the boys who make a combat crew ….. Hands to Salute – A report from Miami, by John Tower ….. Keep it Moving – Volume production means material in motion. ….. Not In Our Stars, Dear Brutus – How Navigation Officer Douglas Hembrough learned a lesson ….. Revenge Is Sweet – Some of our boys are tasting it now ….. Trip to Polaris – Ivan Dmitri tells of his experience in the North ….. United We Stand – Liberators make Big Business for many a small firm ….. Bombs Away – Lieut. Henry D. Chism tells how the bombsight works. ….. Bill Stout – “It ain’t Necessarily So” could be his theme song ….. Plane Spotters’ Test – Please name nine Consolidated Vultee planes ….. Bombing Business – Pictures can give you only a bare idea ….. Back Cover – Crew 247 with its Liberator bomber at Davis-Monthan Air Base. “Riders of the Apocalypse” tells the story of this crew, and its training for the tasks that lie ahead. See Page 10.