Plane Talk 1943 04 (PDF)


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Vol. 1 No. 1 Cover: The Liberator Express – This plane, in volume production on mechanized assembly lines at Consolidated Vultee in Fort Worth, has a loaded weight (including crew, gas, cargo) of around 28 tons. For news of its use in our global war, read “To India’s Coral Strand”. ……. Articles inside: ….. Our Job Is Building Airpower by Tom M. Girdler ….. Sure! It’s the People’s War – Even grandmothers help build bombers now ….. Bombing the Japs at Kiska by Lieutenant Nelson H. Drake ….. Flying Jeep – It leaps into the air ….. Perfection Double Checked – How flawless work at Consolidated is assured ….. V – Also Means Vengeance ….. Good Planning Is the Production Secret – An interview with A. J. Brandt ….. Putting 17 Tons of Science Together – This helps take the mystery out of the assembly line ….. Doctors for Wounded Bombers – They are trained at Camp Consair ….. To India’s Coral Strand – The Ferry Command girds the earth ….. Six Days Around the World – You may be taking this trip ….. The “Cats” Have Nine Lives by Edward Churchill ….. I Was There! – First hand reports from the air forces ….. Boy Meets Girl – On the Coronado assembly line ….. Let’s Go! – Another Liberator oft” to war ….. The Greeks Had a Word for It – But WICs seems a better one ….. New Flight Recorder Never Lies – A Vultee contribution to aeronautics ….. Somehow Surprising – Some pictures of people on the job ….. On the Fighting Fronts – Air power over the enemy