Parade 1944 09 09 nr 213 (PDF)




20 pages
In freed Paris
Cover: partisan girl member of the French Forces of the Interior,
pistol in hand and wearing F.F.I. armband, halts staff car bearing Cross of Lorraine to give driver information about the situation in her district.
The Week: Pas De Calais trap; Climax in Bulgaria; Foundation for a new League 
Paris patrol: american troops in front of the Cathedral of Notre Dame; FFI along 
with men of French Second Armored Division rounding up German snipers; People of liberated Paris
Floundering strategy -German retreat lines
The greatest murder case 
in history, Correspondent Paul Wintertone visit to Maidanek concentration camp in Lublin 
Daylight mission – Branderburg; Parade air observer J. Murray Smith; tail number 237852
An infantry division pulls out from Italy; drawings by Sevek
Rebuilding Stalingrad –
photos of the city
The Island and the World, Sir Edward Grigg, G.K. Chesterton

Tawny Pipit, Bernard Miles