Naval Firepower 1944 02 01 (PDF)




Vol. 1 No. 5

Cover: On the Road to Tokyo
Articles Inside:  Winged Avengers – Congressional Medal of Honor ( Lt. Commander Edward H. O’Hare ), Second Distinguished Flying Cross ( Lt. Commander DeWitt W. Shumway ) and Third Navy Cross ( Lt. Noel A. M.Gayler)
Pacific Raid – On the Road to Tokyo
Ordnance Flies High – Firepower in the Air
Hands at Work in Ordnance
Ordnance Opinions
Scrap, and Scrap Again
Bombs Away! – Bombs, Bombardiers and Bombing Planes
Girls Behind the Guns
Navy Quiz
NAVAL ORDNANCE WORKERS – Many Blood Donors at Forest Park NOP ( Jack Mackenzie , Abe Mitchell and Carl Evans )
Indian War Paint in Navy Uniform ( Chief Dan Waupoose of the Menominee tribe )
Captured 50 Fritzes in World War I ( Felix Bird )
Parents and Sons Both Winning War ( Jesse Harbin and Mr. and Mrs. Harve Cadell)
Half a Dozen Fannons ( Mrs. F. J. Fannon )
NAVAL ORDNANCE FRONTS – Ordnance Song Lunch-Hour Melody ( Elias Blumen )
Magnetic Nail Picker ( C. H. James )
Ex-WAAC, Ex-Dancer Handle Power Trucks ( Elaine Lesak and Mrs. Ethel Hughes )
Battle in Guard Tower ( Claude Stoltz )
Five Osbornes Make Sensitive Powder ( Everett Osborne )
Hingham Brother and Sister Have 100 Percent Family ( George Bogart and Phyllis J. )
Handicapped Cousins Busy Ordnancemen ( James Lucien Milstead and Joseph Milstead )