NATS Packet 1945 03 (PDF)



20 pages
Cover: Adm. Reeves and Cpt. Tomlinson; photo by George Happy
NATS has command status; Atlantic and Pacific wings absorb west coast reorganization
Direct Destiny of NATS Pacific
NATS Pacific now is extended over third of earth’s width
Reunion at Guam – Atanacio Camacho finds family
Marinas modernized; Robert McWhinney, Henry Heckman, John Hadsell
Maintenance dispatch
Spare time scientists collect museum items – D.F. Grether and W.H. Wagner
Five NATS men are wounded
Squadron – NATS-Pacific’s “Shellback Squadron” on the equator
Malaria control groups protect health of NATS
The Striker
Meet the CHiefs – Louis Paul and Jim Wheeler
Stateside Squadron
Communications – link between planes and units on ground
NATS Packet Pinup