Marine Corps Gazette 1945 06 (PDF)


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Vol. 29 No. 6 ……. Cover: The Flag Goes Up on Mt. Suribachi ( 1945 ) Artwork by Cpl. Tom Lovell USMCR ……. Articles Inside: Amphibious Strategy – “Today we are truly writing the naval textbooks of tomorrow,” Admiral King declared. This article describes developments in amphibious operations which have revolutionized warfare. By Stefan T. Possony ….. Why Not Copy? – In this article the Military Arms Consultant of the National Rifle Association discusses innovations in foreign arms which we might employ to good advantage in improving our own equipment. By W. H. B. Smith ….. The Battle for Banzai Ridge – Taking this steep, high cliff area on Guam was a difficult operation; holding it against savage Jap counterattacks required bitter hand to hand combat. By 1st Lt. Anthony A. Frances ….. Rehabilitation of Guam – How we are handling the job Of restoring this island’s civilian economy while making it into a powerful base. The future of Guam is already becoming apparent. By Major General Henry L. Larsen ….. Marine Aviation Supply – The responsibility of keeping Marine planes and flyers supplied is shared by the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps. The author explains how this work is coordinated. By Captain Edward T. Butler ….. Combat Headache. – This article outlines the form to be used in solving one of the most difficult problems in amphibious warfare, the initial supply of assault troops. The author does not endeavor to explain the duties and responsibilities of the Shore Party in this phase of the ship-to-shore movement. By Lt. Colonel L. C. Hudson ….. Corps Artillery of the Army in Combat ( Part 4 ) – Use of the observation battalion, displacement and security. By Col. E. M. Edmonson ….. An Airfield Is Put in Operation – Working under fire and against time, the Second Separate Engineer Battalion built a vitally needed air base on Orote Peninsula which is now harassing Tokyo. By BM2 W. B. Gore ….. Marines Now Using the Bailey Bridge ….. How to Combat Transport Boredom – Time spent on board ships by landing teams can be utilized to accomplish much in last minute planning and rehearsing to increase efficiency. By Major J. A. Donovan, Jr. ….. Using the Tank Platoon in Indirect Fire – An account of a theoretical battle which demonstrates how Army tank have successfully been engaged in infantry support. By Major John T. Monzani, F.A. ….. Booby Traps in Small Business – The homecoming veteran who desires to go into business for himself will stand a better chance if he employs some of the tactics he learned in service. By Captain Albert C. Murphy ….. The Marine Rifle Squad in Combat ( Part 4 ) – Careful preparation is essential to the success of a patrol. In this article, last of a series on the Marine Rifle Squad, operations of a squad as a patrol are described. ….. The Responsibility of the Regular Officer – By imparting his experience and his enthusiasm to newly commissioned officers, the regular officer can perform a great service for the Corps. By Colonel E. E. Larson ….. What’s New? – Trends of Military Interest By S/Sgt. Ray Moulden ….. Total Destruction on Wotje Island – Air photo interpretation officers, with an exact knowledge of Wotje and its installations, briefed pilots so well that this base was wrecked. By Captain Ellis F. Trefethen ….. Gazette Bookshop ….. Platoon Commanders’ school By Major D. V. McWethy, Jr.