Marine Corps Gazette 1945 05 (PDF)


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Vol. 29 No. 5 ……. Cover: The Capture of the Reindeer. ( 1814 ) Artwork by S/Sgt. John F. Clymer ……. Articles Inside: First Six Days on Iwo Jima. – In taking Iwo Jima the Marines had to fight a powerful Japanese garrison which had converted naturally strong terrain into a position that the Japs considered impregnable. By An Observer ….. Artillery on Iwo By S/Sgt. Allen Sommers ….. Tanks on Iwo. By Major John L. Frothingham ….. Air Support on Iwo. By Corp. B. W. von Wettberg ….. The Three Rs of Invasion ….. Jet Propelled Planes. – The advance of science and the demands of military aviation have hastened the development of flight by direct reaction, and have given us planes capable of tremendous speed. By Corp. M. H. Crow ….. Marine Captain Pioneered in JATO Tactical Use ….. Technique of Control in Close Terrain. – How to insure the physical integrity of tactical formations by the intensive training of the individual in stride, compass, and phase lines. By Major Robert M. Simpson ….. Underwater Marines ….. Coordinating Communications at Guam. – How careful planning facilitated the installation, operation, and maintenance of radio, telephone and teletype communications used at Guam. By Lt. Col. A. J. Keller ….. He’s Your Wire Man. By 1st Lt. G. A. Barrett ….. Resection With Precision. – A method of determining coordinates by resection, which provides greater accuracy than is possible with standard methods that are now being taught in artillery schools. By Lt. Col. M. L. Curry ….. Most Destructive Lethal Weapon – British “Volcano” Bomb ….. Tribute to Franklin D. Roosevelt ….. To Keep Them Rolling – Some methods of keeping vehicles on the move in spite of adverse conditions frequently encountered in combat operations. The methods, proved in the field, employ simple engineering principles. ….. Corps Artillery of the Army in Combat ( Part 3 ). – The assigning of fire missions, and adjusting of fire by air. By Col. E. M. Edmonson, USA ….. The Marine Rifle Squad in Combat ( Part 3 ) – Even though the defense is assumed only as a temporary measure, care must be taken to insure that the defense will prove capable of stopping an enemy assault. ….. What’s New – Trends of Military Interest By S/Sgt. Ray Moulden ….. Gazette Bookshop ….. A Marine Learns Judo By Warrant Officer J. N. Swearingen