Marine Corps Gazette 1945 03 (PDF)


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Vol. 29 No. 3 ……. Cover: Suppressing African Slave Trade ……. Articles Inside: Pacific Strategy – Complete victory over Japan means we must reduce the Japanese Empire to its original scope in 1854, when it consisted of the four islands of Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu. By Capt. Miles R. Browning, USN ….. Some Facts About Formosa By James R. Young ….. If You Want Close Air Support – Here is an airman’s viewpoint of what is necessary to provide close integration between ground troops and those who fly air support missions. By 1st Lieutenant Leo B. Pambrun ….. War Kit in a Coconut by Sgt. O. W. Nelson, Jr. ….. Naval War in the Pacific in 1944 – The tremendous accomplishments of our naval forces in the Pacific during the past year are told in this article, with a chronological record of our offensives. ….. Aerial Warfare by Remote Control – Technical details of jet and rocket propelled bombs whose development is almost certain to have a tremendous influence upon warfare in the future. By PFC. M. H. Crow ….. More Rapid Mortar Fire ….. Tactical Air Photo Interpretation – The success of a campaign often depends in large measure the work done by tactical air photo interpreters working in the field under handicaps. By 1st Lt. Joseph W. Utz ….. How the Japanese Treat Prisoners – Marines in Jap prison camps must endure the worst ordeals of war. By John Cotton ….. Corps Artillery of the Army in Combat ( Part 1 ) – Changing situations call for flexibility in organization. By Col. E. M. Edmonson ….. Marine Rifle Squad in Combat ( Part 1 ) – Fundamental principles for the most effective use of the thirteen-man rifle squad in the fire fight are presented in this article, first of a series on the highly important rifle squad. ….. Special Devices Train Marine Pilots for Combat – Navy and Marine flyers learn the principles of combat aviation with training devices lacking nothing but the element of hazard. ….. Educational Benefits for Veterans – What the government has provided for the education of discharged veterans, and what the veteran should do to secure the education he wants. By Emery R. Walker, Jr. ….. Identifying and Using Japanese Equipment – Three types of Lewis gun being used by the Japs. This is the third article by W. H. B. Smith, Military Arms Consultant of the National Rifle Association, on the subject of enemy equipment. By W. H. B. Smith ….. Aviation – Reports and Comments on the Military Uses of Aircraft By Capt. C. J. Greene, Jr. ….. Corsairs Operating from Carriers ….. What’s New – Trends of Military Interest By S/Sgt. Ray Moulden ….. Books For Marines ….. Gazette Booklist