Marine Corps Gazette 1944 11 (PDF)


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Vol. 28 No. 11 ……. Cover: The Korean Incident ( 1871 ) Artwork by Corp. John F. Clymer ……. Articles Inside: The Jap Hope: Fortress East. – The one great naval battle that was to have decided the issue in the Pacific did not take place. Now the allies must breach the enemy’s inner defense, the basic sea area around Japan. By Fletcher Pratt ….. Debunking the Filariasis Myth. – Fear of Sterility and Disfigurement Banished at Klamath Falls. By T/Sgt. Robert H. Myers ….. The Medical Facts About Filariasis. By MT/Sgt. Maurice E. Moran ….. False Gods – False Ideals. – Beneath the trappings of modernity the Japanese people have remained what they always were barbarians. Japanese conduct is the result of savage, warlike racial traits shaped to a code of barbarism now being employed in a program of conquest and world rule. By Otto D. Tolischus ….. One Job, One Corps. – Teamwork is the theme of Marine ground and air forces; in this respect the Corps differs from the other military arms, which look upon the air corps as a separate organization. By Capt. Warren H. Goodman ….. Incident of the Blue Goose. – The airmen at Guadalcanal had their backs to the wall; to add “insult to injury” they had a load of torpedoes and no TBF’s, until the ungainly Blue Goose lumbered in. By Capt. Jack DeChant ….. Marine Corps General Staff. – Although the Marine Corps possesses the fundamental requisites for a general staff system, a greater efficiency could be realized from further developments of existing methods. By Lt. Col. J. D. Hittle ….. Artillery at Tarawa – The landing of 75-mm pack howitzers on Betio beach was a tremendous undertaking, but it paid handsome dividends in supporting the infantry, and in enemy dead. By Lt. Col. P. M. Rixey and Maj. Wendell H. Best ….. Highest Traditions – Outwitting the British and outfighting the Mexicans, Lieutenant Gillespie did much to change the course of California’s history. ….. Camels Were Once Used for U.S. Military Transport. By Ralph Z. Kirkpatrick ….. Beachhead Government – As the Marines move ever closer to Japan the problem of dealing with civilians and civil administration becomes more evident. Many lessons were learned in the Marianas campaign. By S/Sgt. Bill Miller ….. Arms for Officers – Those who have been in fire fights will take the side of the shoulder weapon in the case of the carbine vs. the pistol. By Lt. Col. W. A. Kengla ….. Toward A Tough Peace – Final plans for Allied occupation of Germany are not quite completed, but everyone agrees that the Allies are determined to be tough, in the toughest sense of the word, on the war criminals. By John C. Metcalfe ….. What’s New – Latest Developments in the Field of Equipment. By S/Sgt. Ray Moulden ….. French Forces of the Interior. – To the men wearing the Cross of Lorraine the battle of France didn’t end when the Nazis marched in to occupy their country. For them, the fight for freedom had only started. By Andre Visson ….. Britian vs: Japan – A finish fight. – According to a repatriated prisoner, none of Great Britain’s actions can be regarded as consistent with an intention to drop out of the war against Japan. By H. G. W. Woodhead, C. B. E. ….. Aviation – Reports and Comments on the Military Uses of Aircraft. By Capt. Jack DeChant ….. Officers and the S. R. A – A common belief that The Servicemen’s Readjustment Act of 1944 holds benefits and rights only for “Gl Joe” is wrong; it was written by Congress for all members of the armed forces, officers as well as enlisted men. ….. Military Discipline – It was the adherence to military discipline, a mental attitude that makes doing the right thing at the right time instinctive, that paid off in victory during the early, dark days in the Pacific war against Japan. By Colonel William J. Fox ….. Books