Macon Time 1945 11 10 nr 07 (PDF)


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Drawing: Joe Swabo by R. Davis
Macon takes time out: liberty in Haiti; APC with Ens. Gaskin, Ens. Crowley
Marines’ Birthday; Captain Robert E. Kavanaugh
Macon to Kingston
Reviewed by President Truman in New York, North River
Flash by Gonski, F.O.
Question of the week: B.J. Gancarz, T.W. Cleski, H. Thompson, W.H. McBride, Spinelli
Safe Keeping, Gaylore A. Buchanan
Macon Bible Class
Macon dance band comes thru: Willhide, Pvt. Houghton, Ens. Land, LaRochelle
Out of the War: Pfc. George McLaughlin and Lillian Langley
Macon Fuels DD at sea – Ernest J. Small (DD-838)
F.O. Gonski –
Meet the chief engineer: Lt. Cmdr. Harvey R. Nylund
Ever heard of us??? The Snipes
The roving reporter – Clark
Here’s what’s cookin’ in Haiti