Luftflotte Sued 1944 03 12 nr 19 (PDF)



Feldmarschall Graf Radetzky — Quote by Radetzky — Large photo of a German pilot; taken by war correspondent Gross — New assignment, German bombers against Nettuno-Anzio; Ju88; text by war correspondent Dr. Karlheinz Richter, photos by Bruening, Doering, Ruemmler — Thanking the heroes; Erfurt – photo by Dr. Paul Wolff, poem by Ernst Moritz Arndt — Flak forwards!, Hauptmann Prentl; photos by war correspondent Freytag, Rauchwetter, Koltzenburg — On the partisans’ heels: Lw.-Jaeger in action against communist bands in the hills of Piemonts, Major Mueller, captured Italian flag; photos by war correspondent Rauchwetter — Torquato Tasso and Goethe; text by Karl Goedeke, painting by Domenico Morelli — Eines Mannes Recht by Eugen Roth, drawings by Ogfr. Fick — Der Kopftuecherbaron von St. Quirin , text by Erich Kernmayr — Latest Casanova’s Adventures; text by Werner v.d. Schulenburg, drawings by W.E. Puerschel — The 1848 Campaign in Italy; text by Gottschling — The battle of Custoza — Radetzky – the leader and statesman; text by Dr. Alfred Lindemann — Feuerbach and Nana Risi — Humor — Extra insert: large photo of a lady on a bicycle