Luftflotte Nordost 1944 07 01 (PDF)




24 pages
Cover: Yet another victory!

East Front and Invasion; by war correspondent Albrecht Kleineberg
Ehrentafel Unserer Luftflotte – Victory Tally Table of our air fleet
Two bunkers; war correspondent Paul Hanfland
6 new Knight Cross recipients: Alfons Luczny, Werner Anton, Klaus Uebe, Ludwig Bulla, Walter Busch, Walter Metze
Gas mask testing; war correspondent Dr. Hermann Kindt
4000th combat flight – Major Taubert
Stationary gun testing of FW 190; war correspondent Doege
Between Cherbourg and Le Havre
Various photos from the front; Hptm. von Bargen, German soldiers playing Ping Pong and more
Drawings by war correspondent Hans Moller
Chronik der Luftflotte
German Youth ( Jungen and Madel)
German porcelain from Riga; Lossnitzer and Ludwig Schmidt