Junior Scholastic Vol. 15 No. 14


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January 8, 1945 ……. Cover: Norden Bombsight ……. Articles Insides:

Germans Gamble All on Western Front

News Review Map of the Global War

U.S. Appoints New State Department

Greece… …Greeks and British Fight Each Other

Air Week – Norden Bombsight by Sam Burger ….

New Movies ( National Velvet )

A Bib and Tuck Story – “Range…800!” ( Commander John D. Bulkeley )

Our Merchant Marine

Science and Invention – Dehydrated Foods

Sports – Basketball Records

Builders of America – Cyrus H. McCormick ( 1809 – 1884 ) Inventor and Business Pioneer

V-Man – Secretary of State Stettinius

Letters from Our Readers

Some Fun

Victory Quiz

Improve Your Vocabulary

News X Word

Some Fun

Joke of the Week