Junior Scholastic Vol. 15 No. 02


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September 18, 1944 ……. Cover: “24 Hours of a Bomber Pilot” ……. Articles Insides:

Balkans Rocked By Russian Blows

Planning for Peace at Dumbarton Oaks

Relief and Rehabilitation

The Philippines – MacArthur’s Christmas Present

24 Hours of a Bomber Pilot by One of Them ( Part I )

Builders of America Samuel Adams ( 1722 – 1803 ) Spokesman for Freedom

The Electoral System

Science and Invention Electronic Wizardry

Air Week You Can Come In Now by Sam Burger

The “Rambler” Roars Into Rangoon ( B-24 )

Movie Checkup

Weapons of War – The Churchill Crocodile

Victory Quiz

Improve Your Vocabulary

Some Fun

Joke of the Week


News X Word