Junior Scholastic Vol. 14 No. 16 (PDF)


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May 22-27, 1944 ……. Cover: Two Generals Plot Their Next Move – Major General Allen H. Turnage (the pitcher), of Farmville, N. C., and Brigadier General Alfred Noble (the catcher), of Federalsburg, Md., discuss the next pitch to a batter on whom the count is 3 and 2. Photo was taken during game between officers and enlisted men at a South Pacific base. ……. Articles Insides:

Spain Restricts Aid to Germany

ABSIE Gives Nazis “Invasion Jitters” ( American Broadcasting Station in England )

Pilot Describes Fortress on Fire

Candidates for President to be chosen at Chicago Conventions


Air Week – P-38 Puts that Pistol Down – As the F-5, She has Cameras Instead

Plane Speaking by Norman V. Carlisle

Bib and Tuck – The Quiz Kidder

Victory Quiz

Letters from Our Readers

Sports – Water Whiz

Letters from Girls in the Services – Janet Chatten Boyt Red Cross Staff Assistant

Joke of the Week

News X Word

The Traveler Who Stayed at Home – The Story of Norman Rea

Last Issue till New School Year in September