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Vol. LIV No. 1 ……. Cover: Expert Infantryman and Combat Infantryman Badges ……. Inside Articles: …

Meet Our Authors

Credit For The Foot Soldier

Where The Infantryman Is (Statement Broadcast on “The Army Hour” November 28) By Lieutenant General Lesley J, McNair

Battle Facts For Your Outfit

A Pattern for Jap Busting By Lieutenant Delbert L. Merritt, as told to Lieutenant L. R. Barnhill

Patrol Formations in North Africa. By Lieutenant David E. Milotta

Forward Interrogation. By Major Max H. Specht

Keep ’em Rolling in Africa and Sicily By Lieutenant Colonel William V. Owen

Life on Guadalcanal

Bibolo Hill – and Beyond By Colonel R. Ernest Dupuy

Battle Narratives by Colonel John U. Ayotte

Landing Craft

German Infantry Weapons by Lieutenant John Scofield

Bayonet Fighters by Lieutenant Colonel Louis B. Rutte and Captain Stephen Stavers.

Bayonet Fighting (Pictures)

Soviet Breakthrough Methods by Colonel Alexander Vassiliev

The British Soldier Today by Lieutenant Tom Harrison

Rockets by Leonard Engel


From The Readers Of The Journal


Private Li’L Abner, Infantry by Al Capp

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