Infantry Journal 1943 01 (PDF)


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Vol. LII No. 1
118 pages

Cover Design: Tommy Gunner

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In the Middle of the Fight.

Sevastopol and Verdun. By Lieutenant Colonel Paul W. Thompson

Aircraft and Light AA Armament. By Captain Melvin M. Johnson, Jr. and Charles T. Haven

Tenaru Front. By Richard Tregaskis

The Metamorphosis of Infantry. By Captain Cyril Falls

The Sticky Grenade in Action.

Know Where You Are. By Lieutenant Colonel William C. Hall

Stalingrad: City into Fortress. By Dr. Alfred Vagts

“Hunter” Squads. By Lieutenant Colonel A. Logvinenko

Nazi Map Problem: Tankborne Infantry in Action.

Battle School.

Psychology for the Fighting Man.

By Its Own Bootstraps.

The Rifle Company. — Part I: Offensive Combat

The Whistle, M1: Nomenclature and Operation. By Private Raymond Zauber

Military Justice and the Field Soldier. — Part II. By Lieutenant Colonel Frederick Bernays Wiener

International Military Survey


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