IMPACT 1943 09 (PDF)




52 pages
Vol. 1 No. 6

Cover: B-24s leaving burning Ploesti
Articles Inside: Campaign against Industry – Part I, What strategic bombing does; Renault and Huls Damaged
Part II, Record Week for 8th; Heroya, Hamburg, Blohm and Voss shipyards; Hanover – largest tire plant; Warnemunde; Oschersleben, Kassel
Part III, Ploesti Oil Mission; Astra-Romana; Creditul Miner; Colombia-Aquila What Tropical Clouds Mean
Combined Operations against Kiska; Air-Naval attack on 22 July helped hurry Japs out; cruisers Santa Fe, San Francisco, Louisville, Wichita
For the Photo-Interpreter: Cantilever Pier at Naru Island; Genoa, Bruges
Combat Box Formations over North Europe
Cause of Death: Accidental; 19 members of AAf die in on-ground B-17 explosion: Frank Metzger, Harry Irwin, Thomas Cunningham, John Girs, Loui Palmer, Stanley Banks, Frederick Briske, John Carlisle, Sam Eliah, Clinton Lewis, Alvin McCool, Glen Swarts, Jack Twiford, Howard Welch, Byron Carroll, Wallace Henderson, Frank Baldassaro, Albert Finn, Earl Rogers
Air Aspects of Sicilian Campaign; Gerbini, Palazzola
Troop carriers accomplished large scale aerial delivery; C-47, CG-4A
Some enemy air activity and what we did about it; Gela, Sicily, Biscari, Catania, Messina
Enemy transport hit in ports, rail yards, airfields and on wing; Me-323 shot down by NW African Coastal Air Force Marauder off Corsica, near Cap Corse; Ju-290 Rome: What Was Hit, What Was Not Hit; Littorio Yards and airfield; Ciampino airfield; Palermo