IMPACT 1943 08 (PDF)




Vol. 1 No. 5
There are no good terns on Ascension
Battle for the airfields; Gasmata runway, Salamaua, Malahang, Vunakanau, Munda, Rapopo, Gasmata, Lae airfield, Mt. Lunaman, Jacobsen’s, Webb’s
Flying south Atlantic route with the ATC; Air Transport Command, 

Ascension Island, Dr. James P. Chapin
Atlantic flight ends at Accra
How P-38s can win despite a tighter loop by Zekes,

 Capt. Lanphier
Bombs fly through air at us, through water at Japanese ships
Nazi naval base and rubber plant hit; Wilhelmshaven, 

Huls ersatz plant is wrecked
Sermon on air safety that needs no words; two B-17s collide
For the photo-interpreter, 

time saving explanation of puzzle pictures
AFCE proves its value in Burma; Allanmyo
Pre-AFCE and post-AFCE bombing; Lashio 

Maymo, Minbu
Attacks on subs in Mediterranean
Photo bomb’s night view of Japanese island; 7th Air Force camera gets 

first data on Mili airfield in surprise visit; M-46 photo flash bomb
Study of Attu serves as guide to future of Japanese areas  

Holtz, Attu, US soldiers with souvenirs
Results of victory at Pantelleria
Ships weathers dive bombing; 12th Combat 

Camera Unit
Across the straits lies Italy, Messina, San Giovanni
New way of adding dimension – vectograph  

The new star insignia for Army and Navy