Illustrierter Beobachter 1941 10 09 nr 41 (PDF)


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German troops take the island Osel on the East Sea (Ostsee); photo by Hahn … Rauld Damonte Taborda, Nathan Tannenzapf, Harriman, Anthony Eden, Maisky, John J. Pershing, Oumansky, Winant and Denmark’s King Christian on photos … Oshima im Westen … A picture of a typical russian road which can cause “sea sicknes” when ridden on; photo by Bayer (PBZ). … Paavo Nurmi explains to the Finnland’s youth how to pull handle a rifle … Waffen-SS troops have a soviet soldier, who laid mines before, pull them all out now; photo by SS correspondent Roth … Lord Beaverbrook, William Harriman … Dorndorf shoes ad … Female factory workers enjoying some sport activities; photos by Inge Mantler … German dancer Ilse Meudtner; photos by Christiansen-Wehr