Illustrierter Beobachter 1941 08 07 nr 32 (PDF)


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“At last, the Soviets will never be back”, Waffen-SS soldier is welcomed as rescuer by this young girl; photo by SS war correspondent Roth … Living conditions in the “Soviet Paradise” … Two 15 years old boys earnes the Iron Cross for their valor at sea; photo by Marine (Navy) war correspondent Wirtz-Samisch (Atl) … Membership card for the comunist party in Lithuania from Mira Josifo Bordonaite … GPU – spy network … Photos from Russia showing the terrible living conditions there; photos by Baatz … The Stalin line of defences broken through; photos by SS war correspondent Roth … The hill is taken and secured, photos of Waffen-SS soldiers in combat; pictures by SS correspondent Lossa (Mauritius), also included is an official photo of the Lossa’s combat report … Photo of two German soldiers milking a cow and filling up their canteens with milk; photo by Gunther Thiede … Kosmos Khedive Exquisit … Pictures from a big art expo in Munich: Hans Happ “Thetis”, Gisbert Palmie “Am See”, Leo Samberger “Der Pianist Josef Pembaur”, Julius Engelhard “Spitzentanz”, J. Paul Junghanns “Der lustige Schimmel”, Franz Eichhort “Maschinengewehrschutzen