Fort Sheridan Tower 1944 03 03 nr 01 (PDF)




Vol. II

Tower celebrates its first birthday; End first year as official Army paper at Fort Sheridan; Changed name from Tower Nov. 5th

Chips, the puppy mascot of Fort Sheridan

Love laughs as locksmith tries to free soldier from handcuffs – Ed Rocklin

Cousin of Gen. Sheridan is stationed here – Thomas A. Sheridan

Study foreign languages at Camp

GI learns his lesson – Richard Pollard

Haroll Bell in game

Sports: Beaten, but undaunted, post officers seek revenge – D.W. Pinneo, J.W. Smith, Al Smith, Grover Lindert, Fred Keller, DC Wesche

New training schedule for 1672 HQ started; Movies teach scouting and hand to hand combat

“Hash to the Elbow” on these Fort Sheridan Sergeants (photo) – Clyde A. Arrendiel, Alexander E. Guenette, Virgle C. Adams, Louis S. Epker, William Hall, Ed J. Schwale, Eusebio Lazo, Edward J. Brown, Joseph M. Plale, Jesse M. DeLong, Rudolph Kadlac, Alton B. Taylor, Samuel C. Smith

Civilian Miss Gertrude Hubley

Model clay horses by R.F. Topp

Yanks bomb nut plant – then bolt hurriedly; Joseph Armenini

Picture of Ginger Rogers