Fort Sheridan Tower 1944 02 18 nr 51 (PDF)




Col. W. Lutz Krigbaum receives promotion this week

Post band changed to 344th A.B.

Stars of hit show here for Sunday Revue – Pamela Britton and Dave Burns; Oklahoma musical comedy

Only picture of Doolittle’s Tokyo raid was taken by ex-sheridanite – Maj. Richard Knobloch

Post engineer Francis M. Baldwin promoted to Lieutenant Colonel

Capt. Homer Brown and 1st Lt. Pauline Maedgen to be married today

Nazi lies shown in exhibit

Hapless Homer comic by Dave Watson

Gen. Sheridan gets first taste of battle; lessons from Indian warfare prepare him for civil war

Sheridan Equestrian statue on Lincoln Park, Chicago

Herb Mashino wins bantam glove title

Ed McElroy, bat practice catcher of Sox, at RRC

Chaplain O.K. Jonas, D.C. Wesche

Valentine party scores hit with 4672nd WACs

Medics Muse Gets poetic; Marlin Sprunk, Frank Kenik, Madelon Houser

1672nd STU Instructor is married, Harry Callen

Picture of gene Tierney and Fay McKenzie with GIs

Headquarters Sarge sees what life is in the big cities; Ace Gutkowski

David Hones, Paul F. Hickie
Harry J. Fowler of the 1672 SU

Chaplain Emmet R. Capps

Del Courtney here Tuesday

GI walks 92 miles in 28 hours to win bet; John Price